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45 ACP

Each round that we produce is hand-inspected and meets SAMMI standards for all shooters. We understand the importance of 45ACP power factors for shooters and therefore, each round is loaded with the best equipment in the industry today. We check each case to ensure nothing unwanted made its' way inside and look for cracks before a grain of powder is dropped. After the powder is dropped, every case is checked again with a powder check tool. Finally, each round is then seated with a bullet and crimped and the Overall Length.

Also known as (Automatic Colt Pistol), or. 45 Auto is a handgun cartridge. The .45 ACP was designed by John Browning in 1905 to be the semi-auto version of the .45 caliber. However, at the time he was working on a smaller caliber .41 but, the military decided that the .45 was the proper size needed for their missions. The .45 ACP at first was being filled with 200 grain projectiles reaching speeds of up 900FPS. The .45 ACP was quoted as being a real “man stopper” caliber, since it had "low muzzle blast and flash". The .45 caliber can produce low-to-moderate recoil, yet the impact of targets can be great. .45 ACP can travel at around 830 feet per second with the standard pistol. The .45 ACP was also being tested with 230 grain projectile around 850 FPS. That chemistry became extremely popular amongst regular shooters.

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45 ACP 230gr RN Reman 45 ACP 230gr RN Reman
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45 ACP 230gr RN Reman 45 ACP 230gr RN Reman
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45 ACP 230gr RN Reman 45 ACP 230gr RN Reman
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