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Peak Performance has done it again! Peak Performance with consideration to the rising cost of new virgin brass and the time investment and often bottlenecked process it can be keeping up with loading our own ammunition and is now offering processed once-fired brass to you discerning handloaders. Whether you load for performance or to keep your cost per round at manageable levels Peak has got you covered. Peak’s .45 Auto once-fired mixed headstamp brass is shipped to you fully processed having been cleaned and sized and ready to prime with your choice of primer, charged with your favorite powder, capped off with your high performance bullet giving you the high performance you require while driving down your cost per round over new brass while saving you time for a no-compromises solution for those who only accept the best. Peak Performance offers their full processed .45 Auto mixed headstamp brass in 250, 500, 750, and 1000 quantities so stockpiling is a no-brainer!