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Speed kills. Cars. Motorcycles. Shooting.

The faster it is, the more deadly they are. And, let’s face it, the faster they are, the more we love it. It’s a badge of honor to have the fastest car or fast motorcycle and every shooter I know wants to be the fastest gun alive.

Balancing speed and accuracy is perhaps the most difficult proposition for anyone entering competitive shooting. How fast can I go while still achieving good hits? The same holds true for anyone who carries a gun for a living or for personal protection so it’s a skill we have to work on.
Thrill Of Shooting

When I was a sprinter, anticipating and reacting to the starting pistol was one of my weak points and it showed in my overall race times. I had a slow start and I had to come from behind in ever race. Great competitive shooters react immediately to the sound of the buzzer. Their draw stroke is fast and EFFICIENT, with no wasted movement or motion. We can work on that with minimal equipment or we can try getting feedback with commercially available options.

Obviously, dry fire is our first step. Practicing the motion at a slow pace can help us become smooth and the smoother we become the faster we become. Now, add a timer. Set a par time and draw to a dry fire. Lower the par time when you no longer feel challenged. Keep in mind you don’t need a shot timer for this as the timer on your cell phone is sufficient and there are also free apps available for shot timers on your smart phones. Using a dry fire system like LaserHIT can also be beneficial. Using proprietary paper targets, a laser cartridge and the LaserHIT app on an IPhone, you can actually use their “quick hit” feature for building a smooth, fast draw. Using airsoft is also an option, but, let’s face it: there’s no replacement for live fire. No matter how much you dry fire, you have to be able to get to the range and PRACTICE! If you want some amazing feedback from you range sessions, check out Gunfighter U from John “Shrek” McPhee. For less than $100, John will analyze and breakdown cell phone video footage of you drawing, presenting, firing and reloading your weapon. McPhee has an uncanny ability to break down the footage and give you feedback in much the same way professional athletes receive feedback. Using quality reloaded ammunition from a company like Peak Performance Ammo will save you enough money to pay for Gunfighter U almost immediately.

For the defensive shooter, we can do all of thabove be ut we need to add movement to our draw and presentation. Getting off that proverbial “x” with as much speed as possible helps ensure we don’t soak up incoming rounds. Does that complicate the draw stroke? Absolutely not. Once you have achieved a quick and efficient draw stroke, reacting to stimuli like a buzzer or a visual stimuli like a bad guy producing a gun will allow us to start moving before, during or after the draw stroke.
Dry fire and then get out and practice. Have a plan for every practice to increase your speed. Speed kills but it’s a skill that is sometimes built slowly.