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Learn The Rules For Competition Shooting

All over the country there are 3gun matches occurring at your local gun club.
These matches vary in quality, difficulty and ruleset depending upon the knowledge and desire of the match directors. There are matches such as the Livingston Gun Club Monthly 3gun match in Brighton, MI that draws from the years of experience, competitive nature and new shooter orientation put forth by Matt Koopika, Chip Montgomery and Nick Molina. Other clubs are not so fortunate to have match directors with such skillsets. For this reason and several others, there is a huge advantage to getting out to major matches NOW!!!

Rules For Competitive Shooting
Too often I hear from local shooters that they “don’t feel prepared” or “another year at a local level and I will have a better skillset”. The truth is few local clubs can adequately prepare a shooter for most major match experiences. Secondly, the best way to get better at something is typically “on the job training” ie, go out and do it.

Major matches bring several opportunities for shooters.

1. The match is developed by someone other than your local match director, which means, a very different flavour and approach. Just like someone’s shooting style, most match directors can get a little predictable if not stagnant in their match design. If you have only ever shot at one club, your definition of what a 3gun match or stage is can be very one dimensional.

2. The availability of props, terrain, targets and distance is often better at a major match. Large facilities like Rockcastle Shooting Center in Kentucky or the Tactical Performance Center in St. George Utah have a variety of landscapes, interesting props, deserts and “jungles” to add to the overall match experience.

3. Typically, a major match is more demanding, both in volume of targets, length of stages and complexity of required execution. These 3 factors will press a newer shooters skillset and give them the opportunity learn what they don’t yet know is important to add to their 3Gun game.

With all of this being said, local clubs and local matches are the foundation of the 3Gun Shooting sport. This article is not meant to take anything away from local clubs. One of the goals of most of the good local clubs is to set shooters up for success when they venture out to the larger venues. There are several great resources for new shooters such as this interview on The 3GUN SHOW.