Shipping Laws

Peak Performance Ammunition address restrictions:

We will not ship to addresses in the following states/areas:
  • Alaska
  • California’s Marin County
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Oakland, California
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Any International

The following states require that state licenses be emailed to and kept on file by the seller:
  • Connecticut – Must send current pistol (for pistol calibers) or long gun permit (for rifle calibers) and a matching Connecticut State ID.
  • Illinois – Must send copy of a FOID card or Illinois CCW and matching Illinois state ID with name and birth date. The shipping address must match an address on the Illinois State ID. Billing address is not affected.
  • Washington D.C. – Must send copy of a Valid Firearms Registration Certificate.

Shipping to the following states require that ammunition be sent to a FFL or licensed state ammunition vendor.:
  • New York State
  • California (The California Safe Act’s restrictions on ammunition sales starts January 1st 2018 but orders must be placed before December 18th 2018 if you want to have the ammunition shipped to a non FFL/Vendor address.)

Exceptions in California:
  1. Any FFL holder, FFL and matching state/government ID must be sent and kept on file.
  2. A sworn City, State, or Federal Safety Officer, proof of current employment required. Military does not count.
  3. State or Government Law Enforcement agency, letter from head of department required. Ammunition must be sent to agency’s official address or to a person/address given in the letter of the head of the department/agency. Ammunition must be for the use of the agency and not personal use.
  4. A target facility, ammunition must be kept and used on premises and business license is required to be kept on file.

It is the customers/buyers responsibility to make arrangements with the FFL/vendor for delivery, transfer, and pick up of the ammunition, to pay for any fees incurred due to the pickup and/or transfer of the ammunition at the FFL/vendor, and to have the FFL/Vendor email a copy of their FFL license or ammunition vendor licenses to

It is your responsibility as the buyer to know if you can legally buy ammunition in your state before you place an order with us. If the ammunition is sent to an FFL/vendor and there is a problem or dispute in transferring the ammunition to you for any reason it is up to the buyer and FFL/vendor to find a resolution between themselves. Peak Performance Ammo LLC is not responsible for any costs incurred to the buyer, FFL, or vendor in keeping with local, state, and federal laws. Once the ammunition leaves our warehouse we cannot resell it.

If you fail to meet the requirements of local, state, or federal laws, be it a failed background check or other requirements, Peak Performance Ammo LLC is not responsible for any fees or costs to the buyer, FFL, or vendor incurred and we will not refund the cost of order.

FFL/vendors who received ammunition and cannot transfer the ammunition to the buyer can contact us at 1-888-605-PEAK(7325) or and we can help resolve what to do with the ammunition.

Shipping Restrictions:

It is illegal to ship Ammunition through the United States Postal Service or to a Post Office Box.

Individual ammunition packages cannot exceed 66 lb. (30 kg). We will take orders of any size. If your order is large or has multiple calibers multiple packages may be sent.

We are not allowed to ship ammunition via plane. Packages cannot be expressed shipped or overnighted. Ammunition will be sent out UPS ground or another third party freight company for large orders and arrangements will be made ahead of time on freight orders.

Discount Codes:

All of our discount codes are subject to change or be removed without notice. Each discount code is one time use and cannot be combined with another discount or coupon code unless specified otherwise. All discount codes exclude bulk size orders ( max order amount 2k) anything above 2k purchase amount will exclude all discount codes, unless specified otherwise.

Please feel free to contact us at any time.

All products are being shipped from:
Peak Performance Ammo
Madison, OH 44057
United States