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41 Remington Magnum - 210g FMJ -25 Rounds

41 Remington  Magnum - 210g FMJ -25 Rounds

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Product Code: 0000412100025

  • Caliber: 41 Rem Mag
  • Bullet Weight: 210 grain
  • Velocity: 1170 FPS Average
  • New Starline Brass
  • Count: 25ct
  • Bullet Style: FMJ Thick Plate
  • Condition: NEW
  • Case gauged and hand inspected

The .41 Remington Magnum 210-grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammunition is a versatile and powerful choice for target shooting, range practice, hunting, and self-defense. With its long, straight-walled cartridge case, this cartridge offers good accuracy, less recoil, and easy chambering in a revolver. The 210-grain FMJ bullet is designed for deep penetration and reliability, making it an excellent choice for punching holes in paper or cardboard targets or taking down larger game. The .41 Remington Magnum cartridge provides a balance between power and controllability, making it a comfortable and versatile option for a variety of shooting applications. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a novice target shooter, this ammunition offers a unique combination of accuracy, power, and versatility that is sure to impress.

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