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Ammo Strategy for your 3gun AR15

How To Begin In 3gun

If you know someone personally and is local to you then, you are ahead of the game. Chances are they know where to play, they have some gear and can start giving you some knowledge. The internet and specifically Facebook and YouTube can be great places to gather knowledge. Check out various 3-Gun pages on Facebook and some great videos such as

I hear this all the time, someone at work, on the internet or a friend wants to get into 3Gun but they don’t know where to start. Let’s be honest… .It is an intimidating proposal, with some tough and unknown rules and A LOT OF GEAR to consider. But fear not, there are some key pointers that will help you take your first steps. One great piece of news is that the 3Gun community is full of givers. People who genuinely want to see the sport grow and new and awesome people enter the fold. Welcome to the party!!!!

3 Gun nation

Where do you learn about 3Gun ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgsu33qz9QI . One thing to be aware of on the FB pages is to check your sources and ensure you are getting good advice, not everyone is an expert.

What Gear Should I Buy?

The answer is none….. At least not at first. Once you have located a club to shoot your first match, hopefully you have tracked down someone to help you on your journey. Chances are that individual or other individuals at the club have gear you can use. It is a good idea to try out a lot of gear before you make any substantial purchases. This is a gear intensive sport, but starting out a new shooter can really shoot whatever you have, there is so much to learn that is really takes a while in the sport before your gear is what is getting in your way. So, in short, bring your bone stock M4, Remington 870 pump and any pistol you have.

What should I Expect at My First Match?

I tell people to expect to lose and more importantly to learn. Very few people perform well in their first match, even those with substantial firearms capabilities. The rules are unique to what most firearms enthusiasts have experienced and take time to get comfortable and even more time to become efficient. The game is meant to be a challenge and a skillset, like any other, requires work to be truly capable. Safety is the most important thing in your first match and every match after. This is especially important in your first matches as you are very unfamiliar with what you are being asked to do.

In conclusion, you are taking a step into a great hobby and past time with some great people. The game itself is multifaceted and can be complex and even frustrating at time, but the result is a stronger shooting skillset. Be open to input from credible resources, be willing to explore new ways of doing things and ask a lot of questions. Don’t make assumptions about rules or the best way to do things. Observe the best shooters and how they perform and prepare.

Josh Tarrant