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The Rise Of PCC

The Pistol Caliber Carbine or PCC has been around for a very long time. Probably the most popular which was is the Heckler and Koch MP5 highlighted in video games like call of duty and battlefield and made popular by Police SWAT Units and military special forces in the 90’s. Fast forward to 2016/2017 and there has been a huge resurgence in the Firearms Industry around PCC’s. The explosion of PCC’s onto the competition world has seen strong adoption by United Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) in the creation of a PCC division. Embattled 3Gun organization 3Gun Nation adopted a PCC division as well that allowed the PCC to be used in lieu of a standard .223 carbine. The new United Multigun League or UML has 2 divisions that support PCC to their 2x4 division and a PCC only division .

So why has the PCC taken off? There are several answers. The first that comes to mind is variety. The surge of people getting into 3gun, there are always people who want to try something new. Secondly, many people purchased a PCC for the intentions of training. After all, the price per round for a 9mm round versus a .223 round isn’t small, especially at the volumes used in training. The third reason which is probably the most compelling is that they are just plain fun to shoot. Utilizing a PCC in a USPSA match, for example is positively thrilling. The skill required to run a PCC is less than a pistol and therefore provides newer shooters with a feeling of more success at a match. It also allows new shooters to focus a little more on the rules and movement of a stage without the difficulty of running a harder to shoot pistol. For higher end shooters, it is one more challenging platform to excel and master and another Master or Grand Master title to add to their USPSA card.

If you are interested in getting into a PCC there are a few options or basic platform decisions to choose from. The AR9 which could be described as a baby brother to the larger AR15 is the most prevalent choice today. The system runs off of an AR15 style lower typically built to receive Glock or Colt style mags. The system operates off of Blowback versus gas impingement so much work is being done by companies like Taccom, MPX and JP to reduce the felt recoil impulse. The second most prolific choice is the Sig MPX. The Sig is regarded as the softest shooting option but comes with a hefty price tag. There are several other options available from H&K, CZ and Keltec worth exploring if you want to consider running something slightly different.

Lastly, there is the discussion of ammo. 9mm is the most popular caliber as the prices are relatively low and there is no advantage to running a major power factor in any of the competition divisions. The most popular projectile weights are 124gn and 147gn right at minor power factor. A well developed and reliable load is key to success much like the ammo expectations for a competition pistol.